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We all have 100 different things going on during any event and a less than favorable weather forecast just adds that much more to our plates. We may have experience running events, but when it comes to the weather, there has to be a more professional way to collaborate on decisions and keep things SAFER.

Your Event

With weather being one of the most important parts of your event, are you willing to leave it to chance? Contact us for expertise.

We Are Experts

We are weather experts with a certified professional meteorologist on staff. Rely on us for accurate forecasting.

Proven Solution

Our solutions have been proven to be effective during inclement weather to clear the field of all participants early.

Why You Need Us

I Already Have Weather Apps. Why Do I Need This Service?
A professional interpretation can often be different than what one can do on site without a veteran meteorologist’s knowledge and experience. Storms often do not move is straight lines, and they often strengthen and weaken as they move. A veteran meteorologist can see when storms threaten a specific location. In addition, there will be situations where it appears a storm is headed for a given location, but in actuality, it poses less of threat than might appear. Professional monitoring can make the difference between safety or not and a suspension of play that is wise or unwarranted.
Our Events Has Evacuation Plans In Place
We view this service as a complement to what is already required. While it’s great you can keep everyone safe once the severe weather has started with your evacuation plans, does it not make sense to get them to a safe location prior to the weather reaching your location?
Is This As Good As Having a Meteorologist On Site?
With advancements in weather monitoring systems, communications, and a veteran meteorologist keeping a consistent eye on those systems, we are confident our service can provide up to the minute alerts at your location as good as any on-site meteorologist can. This provides peace of mind for the officials on site, because they have a veteran meteorologist watching over them at all times during the event.

Real-World Example

We put our system to the test on Monday, May 8, 2015 during the first Miami Valley Master’s Event of the 2015 golf season. During the event, we had thunderstorms roll into the area suspending play and Jamie Simpson’s expert guidance helped us determine exactly when to pull players off the course.

Jamie Simpson

Chief Meteorologist

Our Chief Meteorologist, Jamie Simpson, has over 20 years of experience in the meteorology field and is certified by the American Meteorological Society. Jamie has a wide variety of weather experience with several organizations throughout his career including service as a forecaster at The Weather Channel, and as a championship meteorologist with the USGA at the US Open and US Senior Open.

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